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can you be a dancer even if you were not born with perfect turnout? you’re amazing btw!

Aw thanks! I have no natural turn out to speak of but I do the best thaat I can with what i have…

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how do you feel to be back on 1 st september? Are you ready for the new upcoming year? :-)

Its crazy and so amazing! I am excited to be backa and looking forward to my senior year

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will you be returning to bolshoi ballet summer intensive?

nope ((

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are there certain russian brands/foods that you love that you can’t get in america?

yup lol Kozinaki and sugarfree Halvah

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are you a vegan?

nope but i do not consume milk or gluten products..

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You’re awesome Joy! Say, you danced for , like, 8 hours one day then the next day, you experience muscle pains. What do you do to ease the pain??????????

Aleve or advil.. icy hot and and alternating cold/hot shower

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Will you be dancing Lise in La Fille Mal Gardee this year?

Yes 🙂 Really looking forward to this exciting challenge in November!

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