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Joy, just wanted to say that I love your story, and u are a gr8 dancer! I look up to u! :)) Now for the quetion: Do you have to follow a dresscode in your class? Or is it depending on the teachers opinion? -I pray for u, Good luck

Aww Thank you so much! well it depends on where I am and what stage of training I am in. For example at school i like to wear a black leo with pink tights because I can see my body and fix problems. Also it keeps me accountable on my weight. If am working alone, overtime, or on break I like to mix it up with crazy colors, no tights, skirt, black tights… but never ever in a professional environment. If I ever get bored with the monotony at school i will do something new with my hair… 😉 Hope this helps

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how long have you got left at the bolshoi?

this will be my senior year

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What type of pointe shoes do you wear and what kind of padding in your shoes?

Sansha 404 specials with bun head pro pads large 🙂

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