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Elk photographs Joy Womack, the 16-year-old American ballerina who trains at the Bolshoi

Elk photographs Joy Womack, the 16-year-old American ballerina who trains at the Bolshoi!Clifford J. Levy recently reported for the New York Times on Womack and

via Elk photographs Joy Womack, the 16-year-old American ballerina who trains at the Bolshoi.


Dance Spirit magazine – Inspiring. Trendy. Fun. Dream big. Dream now.

Dance Spirit magazine – Inspiring. Trendy. Fun. Dream big. Dream now..


Thank you so much Dance Spirit! I hope I can work harder and inspire Girls to dream big and Work hard. Follow the Lord!

Happy Father’s Day!

My Dad is the greatest.


He is Strong,

He is Wise

He is Kind


Always Encouraging

Always Supporting

And always, Enduring


Vetiver by Guerlain

Cowboy Hat, Boots,

and Blackberry in hand


My dad is a Winner

My dad is a Dreamer

My dad is a Believer


Facebook, Email, and Mac in hand

World watch out

My Dad is the Man!






Some Last Adventures in Austin for a spell…


Gluten free baking seminar taught by Faith

Town Lake

"I love me some good times"

Green Lantern at Midnight and other possum adventures

Castle On a Cloud

Adventure in the True Lives of a dancer(not all rosy all the time)

First off I feel the need to apologize with going off the radar for sometime …

Unfortunately throughout the course of a dancer’s career, we have to deal with physical setbacks. But I am excited to announce the upcoming adventures in NYC this summer! Once again I am super excited to be a part of RAF’s summer intensive with the Bolshoi! I am hoping that this summer will be amazing and unique and I am looking forward to a whole wave of new opportunities.

Seniors 2012 Bring it!



I am still thinking of ideas on how to revamp and reboot. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!



Who inspires you the most?

Jesus and people who are self made artisic innovaters… also Natalia Osipova and Ksenia Rush! :)) There 2 of the sweetesdt and most talented dancers out there!

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Hi Joy! thank you so much for everything you do! through your example you have brought me back to my faith and you have given me tons of motivation to be a better dancer!

Thank you so much for your encouragement! esp during this hard time for me! God bless you! xoxoxx Pray for me and I am praying for all m=of my supporters out there, thank you for believing in me! xox

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Have you ever used cold spray (it temporarily "freezes" and numbs an injury spot)? I sprained my ankle in rehearsal last night and have a performance in two weeks and I was thinking about using it before going on stage — I must dance, no choice.

I used it last year for the pestov gala and then during the end of the athens tour… i tweaked my back and then when i broke my wrist before the washington trip … its great stuff! Good for you! what a testimony!!

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