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What do you do to warm up before (ballet) class?

alot of things but mostly a mixture of rythmic gymnastics and Nike training Club lol

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How do you eat gluten free and dairy free in Russia?

just natural foods and sometimes chocolates … 🙂

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will you be at bolshoi nyc this summer? if not where?

Yes! Looking forward to a third summer with RAF and BAE

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do you speak russian with an american accent?

most likely! but I hope i speak better now! hahah people have told me its almost gone but Idk 😉

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Joy, i love how you have so much faith in God!! I’ve been losing mine these days and i don’t feel good… Any good advice to bring my faith back? And, keep dancing like you do, keep up that strength that you have, i’m sure you’ll succeed!! <3

Thank you so much! Really you are so encouraging! Read the bible and seek Him, Ask and you will recieve, that is his promise to you. Read Psalm 25 and 27 They help me when I feel lost! I hope that helps! God bless you!

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Creative juices flowing…Yum? ;)

my new music obsession. Good Music=Ispiration…. Ive just got my self into a good kind of creative/artistic/not your generic girl by any means phase… Bring it Boho

If you guys have any playlists/ sugestions/ requests fire away! Let make this a more interactive expierence…

Video blogs?

What do you guys want to see more or less of?


Love you all long time

xoxo 🙂

2450 mins competed @nikewomen

Completed a FIT ZONE workout.

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