Facebook Fail and an Overdue Update

Dear Readers,

Apologies for a dry spell! I hope you will forgive me, but in bigger news, I no longer have a facebook due to some internet stalkers who have been reeking havoc on my internet “life.” I am hoping that  in the future this uncomfortable situation will be remedied but for right now I have to much on my plate to try and rebuild everything that was lost.

You can follow me on twitter @joywomack , skype me @ dancer33love, or email me @ joy@thewomacks.com

Once again I am SO sorry about all of this!

In other news,

Today is National Mens Day in Russia so there was an official holiday athough I had rehearsals for Pas de Quatre for our upcoming showcase. I spent some time also working on some variations as well but I didnt feel that productive…

In big news, I was put in a big that Im too nervous to announce quite yet but we will see if the result are positive and then I will be posting more about that soon! 😉

Today is supposed to be the last day of frigid temperatures here but I am skeptical! Spring couldn’t come faster!

I hope new energy and improvement will be made till the end of the week and that I will be able to record one of my variations. And then let next weeks craziness begin! ( It is the official school show)

Ps Diana and Chung Hung the scholarship for two weeks at Bolshoi arrived! Im so proud of them and the continued amazing work the The Russian American Foundation does with Bolshoi! I hope they will enjoy there time here! Chung is my partner in Duet!

ok ok Picture Time already! 🙂

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work from school, swan lake with my character teacher dancing lead spanish, Deanna attempting to open water bottles, rehearsal time



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  1. eg Said:

    so sorry to hear about the fb incident… hope there was not too much damage done. I wish you lots of energy and strength for the upcoming week!

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