Valentines Day and a Check up

First of all, Happy Valentines Day!

Today wasnt a very romantic day for me but I hope for my readers, you were more sucessful in that arena!  🙂 As my brother puts it “Happy Single Awareness Day!”.

In other news, we had our exam and we had the Committee come and judge us. This was the first time we showed our class under the tutelage of Yelena Bobrova. We were so worried whether we were going to show her well. After we were finished, the committee said we did really well!

I was a little nervous in the begging but then I started praying in my head and all the sudden I felt calm. I started to enjoy myself, but I did let myself go. I tried to remember my corrections and to lift up out of my back and hips.

Some of my many corrections:

Hips arent correctly placed, No base from 1st class, under knee turnout, balance, and of course my nevous system and mind….

I was able to show myself better today. Hopefully I showed the committee improvement on what they have wanted to see improvement on. But well see, its all up to God!

To become a good dancer one must challenge oneself, especially in the areas on is weak. For me that has been, is, and will always be Fondu in the center. Of course that was the combination that I had to show in the center! hahah Although yesterday and the days before that it had not been working at all, today it was much better! Thank the Lord!

After the exam was over I had rehearsal for pas de quatre from the ballet “Awakening of Flora.”(We are preparing for our concert.) Followed by praktika and then more rehearsals on the stage till the end of the day.

All in all, a monday with a little bit more excitement than the normal.

Here are some pics from todays class and also so quick shots of my favorite little buys class in gymnastics: Ps Petiya and Andrei are definitely my Valentines!

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