Some thoughts.

Well I know this is my first post to my new blog, but its not my first attempt at blogging. Unfortunately several failed experiences…

I guess i decided to start anew because I just want a place to mark out the little happenings of my journey.  Share my plans and hold my self accountable.

Not that I need yet another distraction or addition to my already packed schedule, but these are the times…

Currently at Bolshoi, we are preparing for our Concert in March and next week we will have to show an exam type class.  This will be in front of the Classical Commission  of Dance.

The way things work around school is often times confusing… Ordered chaos is how i would describe the feeling I get. That being said, I wouldn’t have it any-other way. The teachers are incredible at what they do and I love work myself the end. When I finally lay my head down on my pillow I thank God for his constant love and support.

Goals for the next few days:

video record  variations and contemporary

rehearse and find out what the deal is with Coppellia/Satanella… (so confusing) ps im so frustrated with my self for not being on top of it.

Dont eat chocolate covered raisins 🙂 just dried fruit


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  1. Michelle Said:

    Joy, I find youre an amazing person and dancer, i hope you will accomplish everything you wish, good luck (; ! Happy blogging.

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