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Russia and a Walk

Hey There!

Something I have been enjoying lately is Deanna Pearson’s company! She is here till the end of this week to perform a variation in Our concert on the 4th! We have been enjoying catching up from the old Kirov days and exploring some of the famous Moscow sights.

Chungh Hung(Peter) also came for the same program in connection with Russian American Foundation and Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive. We have been enjoyig classes together, especially everyones favorite, HISTORICAL! ….. hmmmm :/

But other than working hard and getting ready for a stressful but hopefully rewarding week ahead, Deanna and I have almost perfected our sliding skills on Moscow sidewalk ice. Look out Winter Olympics for your newest doubles entry for couples figure skating!

Please pray for favor, strength, and artistic ability this week!


and now….. Some pics

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Facebook Fail and an Overdue Update

Dear Readers,

Apologies for a dry spell! I hope you will forgive me, but in bigger news, I no longer have a facebook due to some internet stalkers who have been reeking havoc on my internet “life.” I am hoping that  in the future this uncomfortable situation will be remedied but for right now I have to much on my plate to try and rebuild everything that was lost.

You can follow me on twitter @joywomack , skype me @ dancer33love, or email me @

Once again I am SO sorry about all of this!

In other news,

Today is National Mens Day in Russia so there was an official holiday athough I had rehearsals for Pas de Quatre for our upcoming showcase. I spent some time also working on some variations as well but I didnt feel that productive…

In big news, I was put in a big that Im too nervous to announce quite yet but we will see if the result are positive and then I will be posting more about that soon! 😉

Today is supposed to be the last day of frigid temperatures here but I am skeptical! Spring couldn’t come faster!

I hope new energy and improvement will be made till the end of the week and that I will be able to record one of my variations. And then let next weeks craziness begin! ( It is the official school show)

Ps Diana and Chung Hung the scholarship for two weeks at Bolshoi arrived! Im so proud of them and the continued amazing work the The Russian American Foundation does with Bolshoi! I hope they will enjoy there time here! Chung is my partner in Duet!

ok ok Picture Time already! 🙂

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work from school, swan lake with my character teacher dancing lead spanish, Deanna attempting to open water bottles, rehearsal time


Baby Its Cold Outside

Here are some pics from my walk/ speed Moscow snow shuffle every morning 🙂

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Life is going by and work is being done. To be passive is to fall behind. To be proactive is to go forward and make progress. I tend to rush things sometimes and get ahead of myself. I want things to be perfect or advanced now, instead of understanding the richness in the process. Recently I have been trying to really work correctly and smart, because this is the way to make true quality  improvement…..

Valentines Day and a Check up

First of all, Happy Valentines Day!

Today wasnt a very romantic day for me but I hope for my readers, you were more sucessful in that arena!  🙂 As my brother puts it “Happy Single Awareness Day!”.

In other news, we had our exam and we had the Committee come and judge us. This was the first time we showed our class under the tutelage of Yelena Bobrova. We were so worried whether we were going to show her well. After we were finished, the committee said we did really well!

I was a little nervous in the begging but then I started praying in my head and all the sudden I felt calm. I started to enjoy myself, but I did let myself go. I tried to remember my corrections and to lift up out of my back and hips.

Some of my many corrections:

Hips arent correctly placed, No base from 1st class, under knee turnout, balance, and of course my nevous system and mind….

I was able to show myself better today. Hopefully I showed the committee improvement on what they have wanted to see improvement on. But well see, its all up to God!

To become a good dancer one must challenge oneself, especially in the areas on is weak. For me that has been, is, and will always be Fondu in the center. Of course that was the combination that I had to show in the center! hahah Although yesterday and the days before that it had not been working at all, today it was much better! Thank the Lord!

After the exam was over I had rehearsal for pas de quatre from the ballet “Awakening of Flora.”(We are preparing for our concert.) Followed by praktika and then more rehearsals on the stage till the end of the day.

All in all, a monday with a little bit more excitement than the normal.

Here are some pics from todays class and also so quick shots of my favorite little buys class in gymnastics: Ps Petiya and Andrei are definitely my Valentines!

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Here White, There White, Everywhere White!

As the weekend comes to a close, all though in my profession rest days hardly exist, I sit her listening the the constant scraping of snow plows and ice chippers… Winter has returned after a short break, in full force! Blizzard style. Fortunately for us snow days are nonexistent… 🙂 hmm

Because of tomorrows exam for a graduating teaching student who is using our class to show her self, we were given saturday off and worked on sunday.  After Friday’s classes and rehearsals, I raced to the metro as fast one can in – 15 degree weather with winds and snow blowing in your face while testing your ice skating capabilities of your boots. Grabbed my weekend kit and some chocolates for presents and travelled to meet Lena(Patricia’s amazing assistant)  and spend some time meeting here incredible family. They live in a small town outside of Moscow.  Her son Pasha was having a birthday party and he invited some kids from his class. The whole weekend was wonderful and I enjoyed playing russian children games and bartering in the renok(russian market) while freezing my fingers off! The country side of Russia is so beautiful! The tall evergreen trees are dusted with a thick film of of powdery white snow that also blankets the the land.

The people I met where so open and kind! They loved to tell me stories of all of their adventures! I learned how to make several russian salads and other dishes :). The Russians are a people with passionate souls and they love to have a good time with famil and friends.

This morning I woke up early warmed up and then Lena’s husband drove me into Moscow to school in  time for class. All in all todays class was bad…. I got really frustrated at myself and I am praying that tomorrow everything will be o.k. for the Committee that will come and watch….Pray!

We rehearsed our variations after class. Before I rehearsed mine, I tried praying and asking God to help me deal with my anxiety about the class, variation, etc. and I felt calmer. I was able to work and really focus on fixing the points that she wanted to cleaned. Although I felt like the variation could have been more expressive, I was happy to be able to show here a clean musical and strong version. To try and work off so extra calories I spent some time balancing, and turning and then left to go home.

heheh then I had a massage! 🙂 All in all, God is at work. I understand that I am a work in progress but often times I worry about why I cant be consistent. I hope to push myself further and grow closer to God this week.

Thats all for now but look: PICTURE TIME! 😉

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Wednesdays and The Epic Moscow Metro Runs


Wednesday is probably one of the most difficult days of the week for me, although today i enjoyed its high paced rhythm…. Most days I wake and do my morning routine which includes one of my new favorite things- Nike Training Club. An amazing app that is like a personal trainer in the palm of your hand!

It snowed all day today and it was like running in a blizzard today!

So, after braving the mountains of snow and bundled semi-hostile moscow metro I decided to film one of my rehearsals today. Just to spice up my freshly iced over and sometimes seemingly lonely life I set out to upload it… Oh internet, aren’t you just my best friend?

Contemporary and Duet went fairly well today although my partner is recovering from hand surgery and his replacement is the shortest Japanese in my class. Granted, Yuken is a great friend and we have fun together and attempting what Physics has outlawed.

The current full force rehearsals for Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony were the last thing on the agenda. All though I am an understudy…. ://// I try to work hard in case someone gets injured because I really want to go to America in the end of March!  Today I got my first chance to stand. I had been told to understudy the soloists but I replaced a Corps dancer today and I actually enjoyed working instead of staying behind the wings.

I was born to love the stage and the process that goes into performing. Which, unfortunately  includes lots of politics and so on and so forth but its the same anywhere. I found that instead of being upset or getting depressed if something doesnt always go as you thought it would, God always opens another door. Even if it takes you a while to find the light switch. 🙂

For now I am grateful for my health and the ability to push myself farther everyday. I throw myself into work and fixing all my setbacks and I hope to make progress on all fronts of life

slippery sidewalks

. God is in control!

How do you keep yourself motivated esp after a really bad class when you feel like giving up everything (alhtough i dont know if you ever feel like that…)

GOd keeps me going! I often have those days / classes where I feel like nothing is working and what I thinking about attempting when i am so awful. But God gives us all our gifts and strengths. I am comforted in the knowledge that imperfection is a part of being human

Ask me anything

Some thoughts.

Well I know this is my first post to my new blog, but its not my first attempt at blogging. Unfortunately several failed experiences…

I guess i decided to start anew because I just want a place to mark out the little happenings of my journey.  Share my plans and hold my self accountable.

Not that I need yet another distraction or addition to my already packed schedule, but these are the times…

Currently at Bolshoi, we are preparing for our Concert in March and next week we will have to show an exam type class.  This will be in front of the Classical Commission  of Dance.

The way things work around school is often times confusing… Ordered chaos is how i would describe the feeling I get. That being said, I wouldn’t have it any-other way. The teachers are incredible at what they do and I love work myself the end. When I finally lay my head down on my pillow I thank God for his constant love and support.

Goals for the next few days:

video record  variations and contemporary

rehearse and find out what the deal is with Coppellia/Satanella… (so confusing) ps im so frustrated with my self for not being on top of it.

Dont eat chocolate covered raisins 🙂 just dried fruit

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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