what are your favorite movies?

Usually something Kieira Knightly would do or something my sister Grace and I will spend that rare weekend we are together watching… i.e. Downting abbey before it got popular. North and South… British comedies

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Texan teen to become first American to graduate from premier Russian ballet school

Texan teen to become first American to graduate from premier Russian ballet school.

Who’s your Valentine?

Jesus!))) and my Dad

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what pointe shoes do u wear?

sansha specials

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did u like the Kirov D.C.’s summer intensive?

yea it was an eye opener

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did u go to kirov year round?

yup for two years

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do you own any yumis even though they are low cut?

nope because they are really expensive!!

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Hi, first of all i would like to say youre my inspiration. So, thank you:) and secondly, i was wondering how you achieved perfect 180 turnout. Im close (kind of) but i just cant get it to be perfect

wow! thank you so much but i cant believe it! especially because i have terrible turn out!! its my hardest drawback… i have to think about it literally 24/7! remember to work on flexibility not only from the hips but if the lower back under the knee and the foot joint… strengthen and do everything with the inner thighs… master the tendu-its your key to open the rest.

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hi joy, why do you have to prepare so many roles like r&j and paquita, laurencia etc. are you performing all of them a the exams?

exams, on tour, our school praktika concert and our graduation performance in bolshoi…. alot to get ready for and not enough rehearsal time!!!

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what is this in russian: ))))). ?????

its an abbreviation for a smiley or implies cheekiness) exhibit a <— i got in the habit of using after i moved here))

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